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About FBC Beltsville

History of First Baptist Church of Beltsville

Beltsville Baptist Mission began March 3, 1951 under the sponsorship of First Baptist Church of Laurel. The first services of Beltsville Baptist Sunday School, under the direction of Rev. Charles Kuszmaul, met in the home of Mrs. Connie Vaught on May 3, 1951 with 22 people present. In Sept. 1951 we moved to a renovated building located on Powder Mill Road and Chilcoate Lane in Beltsville.

Under the direction of Rev. Roger Berghauser, nine acres of property on the corner of Odell and Powder Mill Roads was purchased on July 15, 1953 for $30,000. The estate included a three story plantation house completed in 1853 that was used for the sanctuary and Sunday School spaces. The first service on this new property was November 1, 1953. On December 18, 1953, the Beltsville Baptist Mission was constituted as Beltsville Baptist Church with 86 charter members.

Sunday July 5, 1959 ground breaking ceremonies were held for the construction of the present sanctuary under the guidance of Rev. Dempsey Carwile. Dedication of the new facility, costing $54,230, was on March 6, 1960, with 248 present for the worship service. Rev. W.P. Watson initiated plans for a new education wing and parsonage in Sept., 1966. Rev. Wendell Gross led the dedication services of the present educational wing and parsonage on June 15, 1969. The "Old Building" was used exclusively for Sunday School and special activities until it was totally lost to fire on June 22, 1975.

Beltsville Baptist Church was officially renamed as the First Baptist Church of Beltsville on July 19, 1991.

From Jan. 1991 until Mar 1994, First Baptist Church shared its facilities with the Sandol Korean Baptist Church.

From Jan. 1997 to the Feb. 2000, First Baptist Church has shared its facilities with the Tamol Christian Church.

FBC Beltsville is currently engaged in a wide variety of Christian Ministries. These labors of love include: Children's Worship, Bible Study for all ages, Youth Ministry, and Serving Seniors.

First Baptist Church is committed to its mission objective of providing friendship, caring, and teaching to all in the love of Jesus Christ.

Pastors of FBC Beltsville:
Rev. Charles Kuszmaul - May 1951 - Oct. 1951
Rev. Roger Berghauser - Jul. 1952 - Dec. 1957
Rev. Dempsey Carwile - Jun. 1958 - Mar. 1966
Rev. W.P. Watson - Jun. 1966 - Jul. 1968
Rev. Wendell Gross - Feb. 1969 - Mar. 1983
Rev. Keith Corrick - Dec. 1984 - Feb. 1989
Rev. James Painter - Sep. 1989 - Nov. 1994
Rev. Dale Grimley (served as Assoc. Pastor) - Jan. 1993 - Nov. 1994
Rev. Terry Stockman, Sr. - May 1996 - Nov. 1997
Rev. William Gohmert - Aug. 1998 - May 2004
Rev. Keith Holland - Mar. 2005 - Present

Missions of FBC Beltsville:
Elkridge Baptist Church - November 11, 1962
Atcheson Road Mission Sunday School - July, 28, 1963
Calverton Baptist Church - October 20, 1966 (Combined Sponsorship)
Pumpkin Hill (Emmanuel Baptist) - November 1, 1972 (Combined Sponsorship)