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A Week of Memorial

During the week before Memorial Day, I was flipping through the channels on our TV in a desperate attempt to find something decent to watch. I was really happy to find an excellent documentary on the Military Channel, although I was not aware that we were able to get that channel. During the rest of the week, I found myself turning to the Military Channel often.

During the week, I learned of Montgomery’s successful campaign against Rommel’s forces in North Africa. I learned of a diversionary effort in the push to take Italy that involved a planted body and the Enigma code breakers, ultimately leading to Mussolini’s removal from power. I cringed while watching newsreel footage of beach assaults and Airborne missions, knowing the high mortality rate among our soldiers. It was a week of remembering our troops; it was a week of remembering sacrifice.

Most of us appreciate the sacrifice of our brave soldiers, and we do not take their sacrifice for granted. We honor them, especially during Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day activities. However, I wonder if we consider the sacrifice of Jesus often enough. Some of us try to attend Easter services annually, but do we pay due homage to the One who died for our sin?

Sadly, I can no longer watch the Military Channel. I suppose DirecTV was offering a free trial that only lasted during the week prior to Memorial Day. Our subscription to the contents of the Bible will never run out, where we can read of how Jesus gave His all for us. So, have a week or month or year, or better yet, a lifetime of memorial in Christ.