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Pokemon Go

Confession: I am one of those kooks who walks around parks and local neighborhoods looking for Pokémon. Actually, it has become a family activity with Erin and I sharing our phones with the kids as we all walk together, laughing about the silly creatures, discussing the value of each, and occasionally exclaiming with delight, "Look who I just got!" It has become an unexpected, but wonderful, connection that I am able to make with my kids. We learned early on, however, that there is only one way to play the game successfully.

There is a reason why the game is called Pokémon Go. The player is expected to get out of their house and walk. The lighthearted family expression used when one of us stagnates in our achievements is, "It's Pokémon Go, not Pokémon Sit!" Success in the game demands that you walk around to capture creatures and collect the tools necessary to be a good trainer in the Virtual Reality world. The game encourages activity and interaction with other players in your neighborhood.

It all reminds me of a Christian conference speaker once saying in my presence, "Be an As-You-Go Christian!" It was a challenge to live out the Great Commission of Jesus in our everyday lives. And, it was a reminder that we are not supposed to be As-You-Sit Christians. We are not saved by Jesus to sit; we are saved to GO therefore, teaching and baptizing in the name of Jesus with the certainty that the Lord is with us always.

Be an As-You-Go Christian, and keep the Great Commission fresh in your mind this month as you walk, run, sit, work, and play your way into Fall. Oh, and if you see me walking around with phone in hand and a silly grin on my face, just ask me, "What Pokémon did you catch lately?" Micah and I would be happy to show you our Vaporeon, Golduck, or the very rare Pikachu that we recently caught. Enjoy the journey!