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Finding Peace with God on the Hilltop of Beltsville

"Lipstick on a Pig"

The old expression informs us that even if you put cosmetics on the poor old hog, it is still a swine through and through. I understood the meaning of the expression this morning when I took my wife's car in for service at the dealership. Although I had an appointment, for which I was customarily early, I was one of fifteen cars waiting to be checked in by the service manager. To think, I was only there for the 5,000-mile complimentary maintenance. I guess you get what you pay for, eh?

I was eventually checked in, and directed to the lounge to wait with the rest of the masses enduring one another's company for the complimentary maintenance. The lounge was described as "First class" and "Beautiful" by the dealership. The trappings were interesting, with a coffee bar, televisions, and plenty of table space to do work. But, the din of the TV sets, along with the impossibly loud patrons talking to apparently deaf people on their cell phones, I was out of there in a Darcars minute! I spent the majority of my hour-and-a-half wait walking to the bank and enjoying the day outside. It was one of many service waiting areas where people endure a necessary evil, far from the advertised "First class, beautifully appointed" lounge. Lipstick on a pig, indeed!

Have you met many "First-class, beautiful" folks who claim to be genuine believers, only to be dressed up heathens? They are not only deceptive, they can be dangerous. More accurately, they are referred to this way: They "Come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves" (Matt. 7:15). Fancy religious talk that has no substance; boastful lives that belie the true character; promising-looking clouds that never give rain. You get the picture. This morning was a good reminder of two things for me. 1) Keep my trust in the Lord, not mankind, and 2) it's better to change oil myself and avoid the "First-class, beautiful" misery of a dealership.