First Baptist Church of Beltsville

Finding Peace with God on the Hilltop of Beltsville

"Four Seasons"

There are specific songs that come to mind when we think of Christmas music. Maybe you love to hear traditional carols sung by choirs; perhaps there is a favorite pop song, old or new, like Sleigh Ride or Last Christmas. One piece of music that most retail stores add to their play list is a lengthy composition written by Antonio Vivaldi called Four Seasons. If you listened to the opening refrains of the "Spring" concerto, you would hear violins playing a light refrain that has become an iconic Christmas backdrop for retail commercials and stands as one of the more popular compositions for weddings. Four Seasons is a masterpiece because if takes the listener on a journey through the seasons of life as you feel the seasons of a year.

Life can sometimes be understood as a song. A new life is like a glorious Spring, full of life and possibility as we begin our journey as children. Young people feel the warm stretch of Summer as they imagine that life dances on for decades and nothing seems too difficult. As we enter middle age, Fall can be a time of transition and a wonderful experience if we don't mind the changes that occur in us and around us. Winter is not filled with dread any more that a snowy night is something to fear. It is gentle and clear and quiet, but so beautiful in its own way.

What season of life do you find yourself? More importantly, have you seen the beauty of your season or do you only notice the discomfort of it? Rejoice in the day, not knowing what tomorrow may bring (James 4:13-15) and remember that there is a reason and a season for every aspect of life (Ecclesiastes 3). Live the life that God has blessed you with, love the people that He has put close to you, and listen to Vivaldi when you have a few minutes!